DPF Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filter and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts Cleaning


What are Diesel Particulate Filter (DPFs) and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)?

The purpose of DPF's and DOC's are to prevent harmful diesel particulates and gasses from escaping into the environment. Because the exhaust from these engines creates pollution, new emissions standards were set, and the DOC and DPF are two of the tools used to meet those standards.

The DOC and DPF filters work together. First, the exhaust is sent to the DOC, where it is chemically altered. Then the exhaust gasses move through the DPF, which is able to trap and hold any soot and ash that remain.

As you can see, this system is designed to catch ash and particulates before they’re released, thereby helping to make the exhaust from your vehicle cleaner. But you have to maintain and clean the DOC and DPF. If you don’t, they won’t be able to do their job and your DPF filter could be damaged beyond repair and you will need to replace it.


When to clean DPFs?

DPF cleaning intervals differ according to a few different variables such as: engine condition, duty cycle, manufacturer spec, and even the lube used in your HDE (heavy duty engine). Recommended cleaning intervals for DPFs are around 100,000km, 6-12 months or 1000 hours of engine operation. Depending on the style of machine, how it is driven (high/low speed) or spending most of its time idling.

If you aren't sure if your DPF is due for cleaning, schedule a preliminary air flow inspection with our DPF cleaning professionals today.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this service.


EGR Cleaning

In Addition to cleaning the DPFs and DOCs, regular internal cleaning maintenance of EGRs is important. This is important for better heat transfer of exhaust gasses. Cooler exhaust recirculation equals better emissions and fuel mileage. This will also cut down on the black smoke and lack of power that no one likes.


EGR Dirty
Clean EGR
EGR Dirty
Clean EGR
DPF after cleaning
EGR restoration

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